89. Calzone III Closed pizza with ham .
kr 67,-
90. Valencia With minced meat, vegetables and chili.
kr 99,-
91. Milano With chicken and vegetables.
kr 99,-
92. Marinara With mussels, shrimps, tuna and garlic.
kr 87,-
93. Capricciosa With ham and mushroom.
kr 68,-
94. Margerita With tomato sauce and cheese.
kr 68,-
95. Quattro stagioni With ham, mushroom, asparagus and shrimps.
kr 88,-
96. Italiana With onion and meat sauce.
kr 68,-
97. Vegetariana With olive, asparagus, pepper, mushroom, artichoke and onion.
kr 88,-
98. Carlo With gorgonzola, asparagus and proscitto.
kr 86,-
99. Napoletana With olive, anchovy and capers.
kr 79,-
100. Cannibale With ham, bacon and pepperoni.
kr 84,-
101. Pinocchio With mushroom, bacon and gorgonzola.
kr 83,-
102. Hawai With ham and pine apple.
kr 68,-
103. Torino Pizza With mushroom, onion and pieces of ox sirloin.
kr 79,-
104. Calzone I Closed pizza with ham, shrimps, mushroom and meat sauce.
kr 92,-
105. Calzone II Closed pizza with spaghetti and meat sauce.
kr 75,-
106. Matador With ox sirloin, onion, pepper and béarnaise (½ closed).
kr 87,-
107. UFO With ham, shrimps and asparagus.
kr 95,-
108. Peperoni With pepperoni.
kr 74,-
109. Solemio With ham, kebab and cocktail sausages.
kr 87,-
110. Mama Mia With kebab, mushroom and pepper.
kr 79,-
111. Kebab With kebab, salad and dressing.
kr 76,-
112. Salmone With smoked salmon, onion and a little bit of salad and dressing.
kr 82,-
113. Soranerne Pizza (alm.) Choose your own filling (Price for each filling).
kr 63,-
114. Pizza Rucola I With proscitto, rucola and parmesan.
kr 87,-
115. Pizza Rucola II With chicken, rucola and parmesan.
kr 87,-
116. Pizzasandwich Choose between: kebab, ham or pepperoni.
kr 68,-
117. Ankerhus Pizza With minced meat pepper, onion, carrot and oregano.
kr 92,-
Extra på Pizza I Dressing, chili, hvidløg (på pizza).
kr 2,-
Extra på Pizza II Pickles, Rødbeder, Peberrod, Æggeblomme, Pesto, Tomat tapenade, Løg, Æg, Paprika, Ananas, Champignon, Oliven, Tun, Kapers, Asparges, Spaghetti, Jalapenos, Tomat, Agurk, Majs, Ærter, Feta.
kr 12,-
Extra på Pizza III Kødsauce, Peperoni, Bacon, Skinke, Artiskok, Salat, Cocktailpølser, Muslinger, Parmasanost, Kødstrimler, Kyllingestrimler, Laks, Gorgonzola, Kebab, Hakkekød, Rejer, Parmaskinke, Ansjoser, Mozzarellaost, Kaviar, Rucola, Spinat, Ost.
kr 15,-
Extra på Pizza IIII Oksefilet, Kyllingefilet. (stk.pris)
kr 26,-
Skål Guagamole (skål), Salsa (skål), Remoulade (skål), Ketchup (skål), Salatmayonaise (skål), Chili (skål), Hvidløg (skål), Dressing (skål).
kr 8,-