31. Avokado Salad with avocado, green asparagus, shrimps, egg, tomato, cucumber, sesame, pepper and dressing.
kr 135,-
32. Tomat Salad Tomato with mozzarella, basil and olive oil.
kr 129,-
33. Cesar Salad Romaine Salad with chicken, crouton, parmesan, tomato, cucumber and homemade dressing.
kr 132,-
37. Tabbulleh (Lebanese Salad) 17:00-21:30 Persil with chopped tomato, onion, basil, crushed bulgur, lemon and olive oil.
kr 133,-
38. American Salad With chicken, bacon, pickled peppers, crouton, different nuts and special dressing.
kr 135,-