40. Spaghetti Bolognese With meat sauce.
kr 99,-
41. Spaghetti Carbonara With egg, bacon and crème sauce.
kr 106,-
42. Spaghetti Marinara With seafood, garlic and tomato sauce.
kr 118,-
43. Lasagne With cheese, tomato and meat sauce.
kr 103,-
44. Pappardelle Salmon With salmon, caviar and tomato sauce.
kr 119,-
46. Tortellini Buffalo With onion, bacon, peas, mushroom, tomato – and crème sauce.
kr 116,-
47. Pappardelle Valencia (Our specialty) With onion, bacon, peas, mushroom, pepper, meat sauce and crème
Flambé at the table in vodka – Minimum 2 persons (Price pr. Person).
kr 126,-
50. Penne Gorgonzola With mushroom, bacon and gorgonzola sauce.
kr 122,-
51. Penne Diablo With meat streds, basil, chili and tomato sauce.
kr 116,-
52. Penne Chicken With chicken, bacon, crème – and curry sauce.
kr 110,-
54. Pasta Sorana II ♡ Spaghetti with minced beef, onion, carrot, tarragon, tomato and parmesan.
kr 118,-