1. Cappaccio Cappaccio of ox sirloin with olive oil, lemon, mushrooms and parmesan.
kr 129,-
2. Shrimp Cocktail Shrimps with salad and dressing.
kr 120,-
4. Tapas-Mix Shrimps in pesto, tzatziki, fried tiger prawns, oven baked bread with cheese.
kr 135,-
7. Shooting Star Toast with fillet of fish, shrimps, caviar, salad and dressing.
kr 169,-
8. Chicken fingers Served with salad.
kr 120,-
9. Fried Tiger Prawns Served with salad and tzatziki.
kr 120,-
10. Falaffel Homemade falafel, with Tahini dressing (Tarator)..
kr 95,-
11. Asparagus Asparagus with proscitto, cheese and tomato sauce.
kr 120,-
13. Garlic Bread With cheese and tomato
kr 65,-
15. Nachos With Kebab or Chicken, guagamole, jalapenos, salsa and crème fraichecremefraiche.
kr 125,-
26. Hommus Chickpeas, Tahini, garlic and lemon.
kr 95,-